This is for anyone who would like to donate, send or invest money into my spanking venture. The donations will help me produce new and interesting material, to help get my stuff on DVD, and keep the great spanking coming. As you know it is very expensive to run a website and I am finding more and more people want DVD's. This I found to be very costly and almost impossible for me to get all my videos on DVD. I am a small company run only by me and finanaced by me. I know I have had many ask about donating money as a thank you or investment or to just help out. I have had requests for a wish list so I put this page up for you guys. I am in no way expecting money from anyone who does not want to give freely nor is this a prerequisite to get a spanking appointment with me. This is for well you guys know who you are. Anyone that does donate you can feel you are a part of what I am doing and in support of it. I want to thank you very much for your tribute it is greatly appreciated. A spanking photo signed by me will be sent to anyone that donates as a special thank you.







Panties $200.00
Stockings $200.00


If you would like to pay by check or postal money order Please send payment to Kelly Payne 24 Laforge Avenue Staten Island NY 10302

My Bergdorf Bill is in $8,495.81 it is expensive to look good. Anyone wishing to help out or pay this bill for me please e-mail me at for instructions.

For those of you who can not donate this is quite alright and I want to thank you for viewing my site and hoped you enjoyed it.



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