Ms. Daisa and Misty just finished getting dress to go out dancing.First Daisa wanted to have a couple of drinks at her place with Misty before they head out. Daisa's phone rang and its was a horney crank caller saying naughty and nasty things to her over the phone. Daisa told Misty that wasn't the first phone call she ever had gotten. That this has been going on for about a year now. Misty couldn't believe what Daisa was saying to her. Therefore, they were cracking jokes and being serious at the same time on what they would do to him if they ever found out who he was. The doorbell rang and Daisa opened the door and it was her neighbor Darren from down stairs. He just wanted to talk for a little while, but he did not know that they were going out. Daisa invented him in for a drink or two. They were all talking and having a good time when Daisa brought up the subject on the horney crank caller. Darren asked Daisa what are you talking about. Daisa told him, and he had really nothing to say. Darren started feeling tipsy from the drinks he just had. He told Daisa and Misty that he had a secret that he wants to tell them. He started telling them that he was bisexual and that he loves it up the ass. Daisa and Misty started laughing. Daisa and Misty told him that they would fuck him in the ass. That is when Darren told Daisa that he was the one crank caller her. There was a uncomfortable silence in the room Darren started getting nervous that he shouldn't of said anything to Daisa. Come and see what Daisa and Misty do to Darren, because these girls don't play around Darren's Crank calling days are OVER!!!This video contains: over the knee spanking with hand on bench, Foot worship, Smothering, Anal, and Strap-on in different positions. Dildo Humiliation and Masturbation.