Ms. Daisa was relaxing in her bed one evening, when she heard someone at her door. Daisa was getting scared, because if somebody wanted to come in they would have ringed her bell. Then she heard her door open, now Daisa was scared for her life. It was a young disgusting low life thug who was breaking into her home to steel her expensive jewelry. The thug was creeping into her bedroom he saw her, and jumped, and grabbed her forcefully onto the bed pining her down calling her a bitch. He said to her, Bitch where's the money and the jewelry. He turned her over onto her stomach so he could look for the jewelry. While the thug was looking, Daisa a no nonsense women she has a Japanese sword under her pillow she grabbed it when he wasn't looking. Jackpot! He found the jewelry. Daisa got up from the bed with the sword in her hands and took over. The thug dropped the jewelry and said to her that he was sorry and that he thought it was someone else's house. Daisa did not want to hear that, she want to get him back for making her scared for her life. Daisa gave him a choice that she was going to call the police or he had to do anything she wanted to do to him. So come buy the video to see how Ms. Daisa punishes this low life thug . This video contains over the knee spanking with hand and other implements, Strapping on bench, Anal with dildo and Foot worship.