One day a young naughty boy named Pete decided to take his mother's car out for a joy ride. His mother never knew that he was doing this for weeks at a time. She caught him and told him that the only way he can take her car if he gets a license. Pete went and got his license but was still taking his mother car with our permission. This time he was being caught and warned by the police not once but three times. Pete's license was revoked from him until he saw a psychologist for the next four months to see why he continues doing these things. The Psychologist played by Ms. Daisa has use other methods on her patients by administering bare bottom over the knee spankings and other methods to control behavior. He came in to see Dr. Daisa for his counseling when he had no cue what was in store fir him. Daisa told him to sit down and make yourself comfortable. She started talking to him about his matter and the reason why he is doing this. Pete tries to change the subject because he doesn't want to open up to Dr Daisa. Dr. Daisa tells him if he doesn't open up to her and say what he feels inside and why he's doing these bad things to his mother and himself. She had no other choice but to strip him down and give him an old fashion over the knee spanking. Pete laughs at her shrugging his shoulder with out a care. Dr Daisa grabs him and forcefully takes off his clothes. He was humiliated on what was actually happening to him. Cum see Dr Daisa punished and humiliate Pete and give him what he deserves.This video contains spanking over the knee and other implements, a hard strapping on bench, Foot worship, Anal, Smothering, and Masturbation.