Home Alone Ms Daisa and Joe are roommates and Daisa had to go on a trip to Las Vegas for a business convention so Daisa had to leave Joe home alone for a couple of days. She had told Joe this and "he said not a problem that he would take care of everything" that Daisa did not have to worry at all. Daisa trust Joe with the apartment and her stuff. She feels that she is leaving everything in good hands. Daisa said to Joe there is one more thing before I go. There will be NO! Women in this house while I am gone, do you hear me? No woman! Joe said of course I will not have any women here, I respect your wishes. Then Daisa left. The first thing that Joe did was call over a girl named Delilah played as herself. Delilah came over as fast as she could. Joe and Delilah started fooling around with one another. Daisa forgot something at the apartment so she had to go back for it. That is where Daisa caught Joe and a girl on top of one another fooling around. Daisa was so displeased on what she saw because she trusted Joe with the apartment. Joe had lied to Daisa and to Delilah because he had told Delilah that he was allowed to have a girl over. Daisa had to do something about this. Daisa canceled her business trip for that day so she can deal with this matter. Daisa told Delilah that she had a good idea to do to Joe since he lied to the both of us. Come and see what Ms. Daisa and Ms. Delilah do to Joe. It will make you think twice on lying to someone you know, because you just don't know what is in store for you!