NightShift 2 The patient has an appointment with the Dr. for a follow up visit. She is the last patient of the day. When called to the room she is asked a few questions by the nurse whom she remembers from the hospital. How are you feeling?Have there been any problem?etc.After the questions she asks the patient to remove all her clothes and put on the hospital gown..The nurse secretly sends the Dr. home (tells her the last patient did not show up for her appt.) she has ulterior motives.The nurse explains that she will doing the exam and the Dr. will see her next week for another follow up. The nurse is flirtatious with the patient the patient likes it and like the nurse. She begins by checking the patients eyes eras nose etc. Then she gives the patient a pair of pantyhose to put on.Then she turns the patient in the pantyhose over her knee for a rectal temperature taking over her knee. When the patient resisits she is a given a hand spanking on her bare bottom.Then she forcefully gets her temperature taken rectally. The stockings are taken down and left around her knees.After the temperature is considerably high the nurse decides to give the patient a cold enema.(2 qt bag)The patient is positioned with her ass in the air on the exam table when given the enema. Her stockings are ripped open along the seam. (A small hole just big enough to fit a butt plug through.)After the bag is empty a small butt plug is placed inside. The patient is made to hold the enema while she worships licks kisses the nurses ass. Then she releases the enema upon returning. the nurse instructs the patient she must do a vaginal exam so the patient get back on the table feet in stirrups, the nurse gags the patient with a scarf and then the nurse rips the hole a little bigger and begins fingering her pussy. She turns the patient over onto her tummy spreads her cheeks and begins to finger her ass hole. Then she makes the patient lift her ass up in the air and fingers it some more.The nurse then takes out the gag and forces the patient to eat her ass. She sits on her face, then she bends over with her ass in the air while the patient eats her ass. When the nurse becomes dissatisfied she gives the patient another spanking and warns her that if she does not satisfy her she will do more to her ass to turn her one. Once again she begins eating the nurses ass still dissatisfied after about 5-10min she takes out a vibrator and turns the patient over her knee spreads her ass and fucks her with the vibrator.While slapping her ass on and off. Then the nurse makes the patient lay down she ties her downThe nurse must spread her own ass cheeks for the patient to get in and lick her asshole.Once the Dr is satisfied she unties there patient makes her get with her ass up and gives her 2 suppositories and the patient then gets dressed and an appointment is set up for the very next week.

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