He thinks it's a game. He is about to find out his motives to manipulate us to get what he wants is about to back fire. So Mistress Lola and I have been training Peaches together. I decided he needed to be in chastity until the end of the year. He did into like that so he tried to get Miss Lola to go against my decision. What he did not expect is that Miss Lola and I talk and she contacted me first. We saw exactly what he was doing. Trying to put us against one another.That was the biggest mistake he could have made. We invited him over only to sabotage him. The game is only beginning. He is interrogated then without warning given a good hard bare bottom paddling without any warm up. WE TAKE TURNS MAKING HIS BOTTOM BRIGHT RED. Then he is strapped, then beaten with a narrow wooden stick then caned with a bunch of chinese canes wrapped together. He is begging pleading and praying it stops. But this was serious so we thought extraordinary punishments are in order. He is smothered and fucked good and hard and deep with our strap ons. He will never try to pit us against each other just to get what he wants.

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