The pharmaceutical industry is corrupt, but tis the people in charge of evidence used in court cases who are stealing the drugs and not
only contaminating evidence allowing innocent people to go to jail due to their negligence. The judge sentences her to rehab with a strict
disciplinary routine. She is given a set of rules to follow, meetings to attend and chores she will be responsible for. 

Upon arriving to the facility she is scolded and stripped of all her clothing. Then she is given a thorough search for contraband. Her hair and every crevice is checked thoroughly. All detainees are given a rectal temperature taking for safety as well as humiliation. She is threatenedof her pubic hair being totally shaved off. She is made to stand with her hands on her head and legs spread wide over and over. Then she is given a long hard brutal spanking with hand and 2 style hairbrushes.   

Bethany's limits were pushed and by the end of her punishment she is left in tears and humbled by the experience. 


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