Now you can have 5 voice messages, e-mail training, phone session or a live session

If you are interested in any of the above e-mail me. Your age. You must be 21 or older. I would like to know if you have ever done this before? Also what types of role play scenarios you enjoy? Some of my favorites are aunt/nephew, neighbor/hoodlum boss/employee, teacher/student, nurse/patient, policewoman/crook. I like to spank over the knee with my hand, hairbrush or paddle and I enjoy strapping with a leather strap across a bed or bent over a chair or desk. I am not a Mistress I am a spanking fetishist.


My fees are as follows:

$100.00 Session deposit

5.99 per minute Phone session

$400.00 for 6 Personalized voice messages

$100.00 Custom video quote

100.00 Custom selfie photo set

300.00 Professional photo set per person

$400.00 Get scolded with texts or emails. One correspondence session a week


A deposit is needed in order to secure an appointment

BUY NOW! $100.00 Deposit



5.99 A Minute


Call ME!



Personal voice mail is in Media Player:

Basically this is for all you special cases who just can not seem to behave. I will send you 5 detailed voice mails, scolding and spanking you. These voice mails will be specifically personalized for you and only you. You tell me your scenario or your antics, the idioms you like to hear, the implements you would like me to use, etc. and I will e-mail you voice mails of me punishing you which you can listen to over and over they are yours to keep.

(Also if you like I can use sound effects )

BUY NOW! 6 Personalized custom voice messages/scolding's $400.00



Are you tired of buying videos that just don/t so it. They are always missing something? Now you be the producer...If you are interested in a custom video quote send 50.00 dollars. Then email your script to Please be specific in your ideas, thoughts, costuming, actors and anything important for your video to be produced perfectly, exactly like your fantasy. The 50 dollars is non refundable. If you decide to order the video then the 50 dollars will be put towards the cost. 

BUY NOW! Custom video quote $50.00



Now you can order custom photo sets. You pick the costuming, hairstyle, makeup, shoes accessories, content..... whatever style photos set your little heart can think up. There are 2 kinds you can order selfies (full length or just body nudes) or professional photos shot by a photographer.

Selfie set

BUY NOW! Custom selfies $100.00


Professional set

BUY NOW! Custom professional Photos $200.00



Maybe you can not visit and would just like training and punishment by mail now you can order this and get just what you need.


(10 e-mails for a month)

BUY NOW! $400.00 One months e-mail training


Email me to find out more.






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